Our Story

Hello mummies! I am Mummy M, wife of Papa M and mother of two little boys, M1 and M2. As a full-time working mother, I had to put my passion for baking on hold when M1 came along. It was rekindled after M2 arrived, when M1 began preschool and I finally had time to myself during maternity leave. The two most important things to me as a nursing mother are breast milk supply and quality. Recalling the 16 months of struggle breastfeeding M1, I was constantly stressed out with building up and maintaining my supply of breast milk. If only l had known of lactation cookies then! I count my blessings that with M2, the journey was much smoother. When I began baking lactation confectioneries, they turned out to be so yummy that M1 started snacking on them. He called them Mummy’s Cookies! This delighted me as they are a much healthier snack option for him, with no additives or preservatives unlike commercially available ones. As for me, the bakes not only increased my supply, but also made it thicker and creamier! After acing Papa M’s palate test, I have embarked on a mission to help new mothers in their own breastfeeding journeys, so that they can enjoy the process rather than fretting over the issue of supply. With this, Yummies4Mummies was born! Now, we are embarking on an exciting new journey as I am undergoing training to be a lactation counsellor so that I will be able to better help address your questions on breastfeeding.

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