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Hello Mummies!

I am Mummy M from a little M family which consist of Papa M and two little boys, M1 and M2. I developed a keen interest in breastfeeding after intensive reading on the topic during a tough breastfeeding journey with M1. Equipped with better knowledge when M2 was born, the breastfeeding journey was much smoother, but definitely not without its own frustrations.

Marrying my interest and love in baking, I founded Yummies4mummies Lactation Treats in 2016 shortly after the birth of M2. I wish to help and encourage mummies along in their breastfeeding journeys, not only by providing yummy, nutritious and healthy milk boosters, but also by sharing experiences. As a certified lactation counsellor, I hope to be able to provide better advice to all mummies who reach out for help.

And here is wishing all mummies an enriching and fulfilling breastfeeding journey!


Mummy M


At Yummies4mummies, we believe that good food is the way to good mood! Our mission here is to help mummies enjoy their breastfeeding journey and meet their breastfeeding goals with healthy, effective and great tasting lactation treats, so that they are kept happy while they work hard at feeding their babies.


A superfood rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals especially iron.Help to increase levels of milk making hormones (prolactin). Our unique cookies made with steel cut oats!

Brewers Yeast

A rich source of micronutrients such as chromium, vitamin B, iron and probiotics.Has positive effects on moods and energy level. Happy mummy equals a happy baby!

Coconut Oil

Increases antimicrobial fats in the breast milk, which helps to build immunity of baby and makes milk fattier.Also a perfect home remedy for sore or cracked nipples!

Magic Ingredients


A great source of fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and plant-based protein.Help to increase levels of milk making hormones (prolactin).


We are crazy about nuts in our bakes because they are rich in protein, healthy fatty acids, and essential minerals like zinc, calcium and iron.

Chia Seeds

Super power packed with calcium, fatty oils, fiber, protein, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.Helps to increase breast milk quantity and quality naturally.



Lactation bakes are made of ingredients that contain galactogogues which help stimulate lactation in nursing mothers. Galactogogues are rich in both macro and micronutrients and thus make our bakes very nutritious. However, they will not make a non lactating person produce milk. So, no worries if daddy or kiddos cannot resist our yummies! They are definitely better for them than commercial snacks, and they are low in sugar.

Our bakes are full of various galactogogues which are indicated by (*) in the ingredient list. Only premium quality ingredients are able to make their way into our bakes so you can be assured that our yummies are definitely good for you and your babies!

Why Choose Us

Premium Ingredients

You will get the most out of every single bite as quality and quantity of key ingredients is something that we do not compromise on.

Healthier choice

We believe in yummy, guilt-free snacking! All our treats are low in sugar. Our granola is so yummy that you will not believe that it does not have sugar added.

Convenience in a pack

As nursing mums, we are always hungry as our bodies work hard to provide nourishment for our little ones. Our cookies and granola are packed in resealable pouches so that it can conveniently be brought around.

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